Don't Let Water Damage Lead to Mold in Your Washington, IL Home

Don't Let Water Damage Lead to Mold in Your Washington, IL Home

Get started on your water damage restoration with a team of professionals

When water damages your home and is left unattended, it can create even more problems. Fibonacci Construction & Remodeling, Inc. provides water damage restoration services to residents of the Washington, Illinois area. Our team has the experience, expertise and equipment to restore your property the right way.

Don't wait to schedule your water damage repairs. Speak to a professional at Fibonacci Construction & Remodeling today to get started.

How to detect water damage in your home

It's incredibly important to catch water damage quickly. If you don't schedule water damage restoration services immediately, the damage can quickly result in a mold problem. You should call for water damage services if you notice:

  • Accumulating water inside the home
  • Discoloration of your ceiling, roof or flooring
  • Changes in the texture of your floors, walls or ceiling
  • Musty, damp odors throughout your home

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